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Wedding Collections

We love telling stories through photographs of unrepeatable moments that unfold in front of us allowing our clients to truly experience the magic of their day.  We are seekers of happiness, beautiful light, and unfiltered emotion.  Last but not least, we love a great dance party!  Collections start at $4500.

Telling your story in the comfort of your own home, family farm (we are in the midwest after all), a nearby park, or trendy neighborhood.  Sherry captures the personalities of our clients in a relaxed and casual session.  You bring you and she'll bring the camera and a dynamite personality.  Sessions start at $550.

You might be our ideal client if:

Family Sessions

You might be our ideal client if:

- You love to dance.
- Your guests mean more than the details.
- Your friends are family.
- You are a hugger.

- You love unfiltered moments.
- You love your family.
- You write with exclamation points!
- You kiss your kids a lot.


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